Course curriculum

  1. Course Materials

  2. Meet Malaika

  3. Why Malaika?

  4. Local Solutions to Local Problems

  5. Selecting a Site

  6. Turning Vision Into Change

About this course

  • $1,495.00
  • 38 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

What's Included in the Toolkit?

Comprising a how-to guide, detailed manual, and first-hand insight from the Malaika team, the toolkit provides the technical components of our model with the flexibility that allows organizations to adapt the model to their unique local contexts.

  • Masterclass Video Course

    Our Masterclass is a 14 module video course covering important topics such as Turning Vision Into Change, Outreach and Messaging, and Fundraising and Finance.

  • Masterclass Course Guide

    The accompanying guidebook to the video modules, expanding on the video modules as well as introducing supplementary material.

  • Operations Manual

    This comprehensive archive is Malaika’s organizational blueprint. From job descriptions and board policies, to budgets and architectural drawings, the manual is a valuable resource outlining every area of our organization. You can use these a starting points to draft your own documents.

  • Office Hours

    In addition to these three main components, the toolkit offers monthly one-on-one meetings with Malaika staff with Q&A, covering topics from the Masterclass modules and more.

Is this Toolkit Right for You?

Although we are excited to share our Toolkit and are looking forward to creating partnerships to address social needs with our proven model, the Malaika Model may not be applicable to every context or organization.  To get a sense if this Toolkit is right for you, we have created this simple readiness checklist.  This is a self-assessment and there is no pass or fail and you do not have to answer yes to every question to be ready.  Please use it as a means to assess  your own readiness. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us.

Site Visits

Want a more hands-on approach to the Malaika model? Structured site visits can be added on to your toolkit experience for an extended look into the day-to-day of our organization. You'll spend a week on the ground with our team and see how we do it in real time.

You're ready to make a difference. We're ready to help.